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The EU don’t want a deal, simple as that! #EU #Brexit #Punishment #Bullies #Sad

Unless I am completely missing something here, at this very point in time, the U.K.meets all the regulatory requirements to trade with the EU throughout the 4 nations.

In March 2019, or tomorrow morning for that matter, the U.K. will still meet those regulations, except we would not be a member of the EU.

If the EU wanted to they could simply say that for an agreed subscription to the EU on an annual basis, the U.K. Can continue to trade as it does now. BUT, this is where the honesty and honour is perverted by politics, the simple fact is the EU do not want an agreement with the U.K. end of story.

I wanted to remain a part of Europe but it is crystal clear to me that the EU want to actively make it as difficult as possible for the UK and this extremely disappointing, however the U.K. will survive regardless and the domesday scenario being punted by both sides will not happen.


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