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UK Debt Clock :: National Debt of United Kingdom #UKNationalDebt

UK Debt Clock :: National Debt of United Kingdom.

JUN 2017 – National Debt £1.74 Trillion.

The previous government have clearly failed to reduce the national debt. How will our new government do ……..

March 2017 deficit £14 Billion, giving a full fiscal year total deficit of £139 Billion which is £32 Billion higher than 2015.

It kind of looks like both deficit control and control of borrowing adding to National Debt is failing despite the austerity cuts !

We seriously living beyond our means big time !


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NOVEMBER 2015 – National debt UP now sitting at £1.66 Trillion pounds. The new government will need to sell more than Northern Rock Loans to get this falling. What happened to all the Lloyds share sale proceeds then? Not looking like the chancellor is paying down debt at present anyway with the sales of anything!!

The UK trade deficit to Sept 2015 is £9.4 Billion, with £1.09 added in September.

JUNE 2015 – NEWS FLASH NATIONAL DEBT IS DOWN The current figure (at time of print) £1.48 trillion. It’s the end of the first month of a new Government. Tax take cycle is high due to the end of the tax year, but good news, the #NationalDebt figure is down.

The UK Trade Deficit for May narrowed to £1.2 Billion pounds, to you and I that’s the part of the cheque account overdraft !! For the year to date this is the starting figure since we have just moved into a new financial year. Last year’s total overdraft is stated below. It’s very difficult to track down reliable figures on the deficit figure, but we will aim to be as accurate as possible over the coming monthly updates


As of Q1 2015 #UK government debt amounted to £1.56 trillion, or 81.58% of total #GDP, at which time the annual cost of servicing (paying the interest) the public debt amounted to around £43bn, or roughly 3% of GDP. The debt was forecast to rise to 96% of total GDP in 2013, further rising to 99% of GDP in 2014. At the end of December 2013, public sector net debt (see government debt) in the UK was £1,254.3 billion or 75.7% of GDP.[1]

 The total #deficit for fiscal year ended March 2015 was £107 billion. This represents a rate of borrowing of a little over £2 billion per week.

Lets see how the government promises on deficit and debt pan out in the next 5 years, check back for updates.

APRIL 2015 ——> 1.54 Trillion Pounds

JUNE 2014——–>1.25Trillion pounds.

MARCH 2013——> 1.2Trillion pounds.

JUNE 2013———> 1.49 Trillion pounds.

SEPTEMBER 2013 —–> 1.097 Trillion pounds

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