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T-Roc to arrive later this year to UK #VW #T-Roc #SUV

New Volkswagen T-ROC SUV will be a sub-Tiguan Golf-sized crossover. Teased at Geneva, it’ll be on sale later in 2017

Volkswagen has been relatively slow to pick up on the sales success of SUVs. But that’s about to change as 
the German brand rolls out new, more ‘emotional’ crossovers in the next 18 months. And it starts with the all-new Golf-based T-ROC, which we will see this summer.

VW has been toying with the idea of a Golf-based SUV for over three years, since it revealed the T-ROC concept at 2014’s Geneva Motor Show. A debut for the production car was intended to be at this year’s Geneva show, but VW scrapped the idea and will instead launch it this summer, closer to its on-sale date towards the end of the year.

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The T-ROC will slot into VW’s line-up beneath the Tiguan, but will sit alongside the Golf in the range. It will be targeted at buyers who don’t necessarily want the increased footprint of an SUV, but value added practicality and a raised ride height.

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