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Killers die in Scottish Prison MSP @John2Win orders enquiry.


The lead story in The Sunday Post front page tells us the chief whip John Lamont has ordered an enquiry into the deaths in prison of 3 killers. The story in The Sunday Post would lead you to think he is looking for an enquiry into why the heroin in the prison is contaminated. That I’m sure is just journalistic creative writing and in fact the MSP will be looking for answers on why drugs are routinely getting into prisons in the first place.
The Sunday Post story goes into some detail on the convicted killers and it makes for gruesome reading. While there clearly is a duty of care element in our prisons, the fact they have taken contaminated illegal heroin while in prison points fairly clearly to what could surely be called ‘self inflicted injury’ leading in this case to death.
The story goes on to inform that other drug dependent prisoners now fear for their well being. You can just see what is coming can’t you. The prisoners will at some point manage to sue the prison service for allowing contaminated drugs to harm them. Millions of pounds will be wasted on legal costs defending this and then the massive awards of compensation to the prisoners will follow. Watch this space…..
I fear our MSP needs to refresh his memory on the killers backgrounds and conduct an appropriate enquiry based on common sense. The likelihood of that ?? sadly very small.

This reminds me a little of the candy crush MP Nigel Mills who spent 2 hours playing a game in his tablet, was caught on camera and rather than investigate the MP the powers that be want to investigate who took the photo !

In the commons, common sense is in short supply, let’s hope the chief whip applies a generous helping to the enquiry he is calling for.


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