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Iraq – Alliance from hell follows UK MP’s decision – #NoTowar


UK MP’s commit to war in Iraq. The BBC reported the same evening that Al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra were now seeking to merge with IS to form an even wider group against the western coalition. Local fighters in Syria were reported to be turning against the USA and the coalition since the support they were promised has not emerged, these are Sunni rebels fighting Assad, who now feel betrayed by the USA for unofficially supporting the Assad regime to target ISIS.

 Iraq war could cost taxpayer £3.5bn

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  •  Formed out of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in 2013, IS first captured Raqqa in eastern Syria
  • It captured broad swathes of Iraq in June, including Mosul, and declared a “caliphate” in areas it controls in Syria and Iraq
  • Pursuing an extreme form of Sunni Islam, IS has persecuted non-Muslims such as Yazidis and Christians, as well as Shia Muslims, whom it regards as heretics
  • Known for its brutal tactics, including beheadings of soldiers, Western journalists and aid workers
  • The CIA says the group could have as many as 31,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria



Alliance from hell: Al Nusra fighters in Syria want to merge with ISIS – creating united army of fanatics

  • Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria under pressure from members to merge with ISIS
  • Demand for alliance comes after both groups were hit by U.S.-led air strikes
  • But sources say it may not work without weaker Al Nusra merging with ISIS
  • Groups share ideology but split during power struggle between 3 leaders

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Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria is facing mounting pressure from its members to form an ultra-alliance with the rival Islamic State to confront a common enemy after U.S.-led air strikes hit both groups this week.

Al Nusra, long one of the most effective forces fighting Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, was weakened this year by battles with Islamic State, an Al Qaeda splinter group that routinely employs ruthless methods such as beheadings and mass executions.

U.S.-led air and missile strikes, which have hit Al Nusra as well as Islamic State bases in Syria, have angered many Al Nusra members who say the West and its allies have joined forces in a ‘crusader’ campaign against Islam.

The two share the same ideology and rigid Islamic beliefs, but fell out during a power struggle that pitted Islamic State head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi against Al Qaeda chief Ayman Zawahri and Al Nusra Front leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani.

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