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First drive: the new Audi S1 – BBC Top Gear


Hello. Havent we met before?

Well,there was an Audi S1 before. It stalked the WRC stages in the early 1980s, a Group B car in the era when rally cars really were from planet crazy. This isnt. Its a four-wheel-drive hot hatch. Its an Audi A1, its bonnet stuffed with an uprated version of the Golf GTIs two-litre turbo engine, revised front steering and suspension, and new rear suspension to accommodate the 4WD system. But what about the A1Quattro? My what an Audi obsessive you are. Yes,there was a limited-run A1 Quattro two years ago. They made just 333 ofthe wonderfully crazy cars in LHD-only. But there were differences from this S1. It used the slightly more powerful old EA113 engine, not the new, torquier,EA888. Since youre an obsessive youll already know that the EA888 haschain-driven camshafts and variable valve lift. Of course I did. How does it work in such a small car? As a means of kicking you down the road in any of the six gears, its mightily effective. Thank the towering mid-range torque. Youve got 273lb ft, and 231bhp at the top end. Thats slightly more than even the Golf GTI Performance Pack. The exhaust noise is a bit subdued, but with that muscle bursting out of a supermini you wont be left short of excitement. The good old 0-62 measure comes out at 5.8 seconds. Yet because the tra

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