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2014 Skoda Yeti review – Telegraph

The 2014 Skoda

Yeti is now on sale, and while Himalayan residents might disagree, there can

be few things as perfectly proportioned as a Yeti. For what Skoda\’s 13ft

10in SUV doesn’t share with the abominable snowman or Sasquatch, it does

with Vauxhall’s Meriva in being a sort of Frankenstein car

made up of sub assemblies from larger and smaller models. In doing so, both

provide exactly the size of vehicle the market wants.

This latest Yeti, revamped for 2014, shares its underpinnings if not its

proportions with the old Octavia, last-gen Volkswagen

Beetle and previous model Golf and Audi A3. Old hat yes, but in SUV terms,

the Yeti is the missing link between the Fiat

Panda 4×4 and a slough of mid-sized SUVs typified by the Nissan

Qashqai. The Skoda has been astonishingly popular since its launch

in 2009, selling more than 281,000 in four years, with a 4.1 per cent

European market share.

With its simple utilitarian lines, the Yeti could be the off-roader designed

by Fisher Price rather than a team lead by Jozef Kaban. It’s a

Postman-Pat-meets-Bear-Grylls look which Gerry McGovern emulated with less

success for the Land

Rover Defender DC100 concepts.

The 2014 facelift consists of a new bumpers, grill

via 2014 Skoda Yeti review – Telegraph.

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