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Bitstrips backlash from facebook users

Facebook app Bitstrips, which allows users to create cartoon versions of themselves, is starting to grate on users of the social network.

Downloaded more than 11 million times since its launch in December last year, the app has become fairly ubiquitous on the social network since the new iPhone and Android updates were released in recent weeks.

Many Facebook users are now seeing Bitstrips as the main method of updating their friends about their mood or activities, in the same way that a status does.

One Twitter user, Jason, incorporated his frustration about Bitstrips into a quip about the disruptive storm St Jude: ‘Sadly, this storm (ie Manchester normal weather) doesn’t seem to have taken down the BitStrips servers.’

‘I thank Facebook for inventing BitStrips for pointing out to me who should be mercilessly culled off the friends list,’ tweeted another Facebooker.

Users can create their own avatar using the app (Picture: Bitstrips)
Users can create their own avatar using the app (Picture: Bitstrips)

Many Facebook users have also been sharing tips for hiding Bitstrips from their newsfeed, so that posts by friends using the app are automatically blocked.

But Bitstrips fans remain defiant, continuing to use the app in their droves.

The app allows users to design an avatar, adjusting hairstyles, clothes and other physical elements of the cartoon to match their real-life persona.

They can then choose a pithy caption or remark in a speech bubble to reflect how they’re feeling or what they’re doing.

Bitstrips CEO Jacob Blackstock told the Baltimore Sun in April: ‘Bitstrips is hard to categorise because it’s not a game.

‘It’s a new way to express yourself and interact with your friends. Instead of posting the same things as everyone else, you can create something that relates to your life.’

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