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Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0 TDI | Auto Express

The Octavia vRS TDI is a real jack of all trades. Its potent diesel engine and sharpened handling are enough to keep most with an interest in driving happy, but it won’t cost huge amounts to run. It’s £2,680 less expensive than a Golf GTD and retains the Octavia’s roomy interior and spacious boot. And while it’s a little on the subtle side, and is £885 more expensive and less economical than the Leon, as a true all-rounder, the vRS is hard to beat.

Following the arrival of the latest VW Golf GTD and the top-spec diesel-powered SEAT Leon FR, now it’s Skoda’s turn to unleash its flagship model built on the VW Group’s new MQB platform.

The 154mph petrol vRS is the headline-grabber, as it’s now the fastest Octavia Skoda has ever built. But it’s the diesel that’s set to be the bigger seller, particularly now its CO2 emissions have dropped low enough to appeal to fleet buyers.

The Octavia vRS’ blend of blending practicality and performance has always gone down well in the UK, as around 20 per cent of Octavias sold here are vRS models, compared to an average of seven per cent across all markets.

The vRS has always been a pretty conservative looker and this new one carries on that trend. Setting it apart from

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