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VW’s combustion engine of the future | Autocar


Volkswagen has just unveiled what it claims is the internal combustion engine of the future. Called the Combined Combustion System (or CCS for short), it mixes the most favourable characteristics of both petrol and diesel technology to make one low emissions, high efficiency power unit which runs on synthetic biofuel. Mounted in the nose of the recently facelifted Touran, the engine was introduced to the motoring press this week.

The CCS engine recognises the possibility that, in order to meet tightening emissions standards and ever higher demands for fuel efficiency, car makers may have to abandon conventional petrol and diesel engines in favour of a new type of motor altogether. VW’s take on this engine of the future is an advanced four-cylinder based on the German car maker’s upcoming 2.0-litre common rail diesel engine due to head into production in 2008. It was designed to meld the homogeneous combustion and low nitrous oxide emissions of a typical small capacity petrol powerplant with the self ignition and low fuel consumption properties of a modern day diesel – the aim being to combine the best attributes of each.

via VW’s combustion engine of the future | Autocar.

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