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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft fell down slightly with the delivery of a Pre Ordered product by making it available in shops before those who pre ordered had received theirs. Kind of defeats the purpose of pre ordering. A voucher for £50 went some way to making up for this. Once the surface arrived, the process of getting going with it was simple and straightforward. Within just half hour or so email was connected, WiFi network joined and a shared Google calendar picked up.

The device quality is superb with a sharp screen, although not as sharp as ipad3, it is excellent. The screen keyboard is easy to use and very responsive. The screen auto brightness seems to randomly dim itself, when the light increases or example, even though its not directly on the screen. You can set this for manual control though.

There are actually a fair number of apps out there already and these should increase as time goes on. One particularly useful app is zipwhip, this allows you to text from your tablet, using cloud services and your existing mobile number.

So far it is impressive and there have been no windows crashes or locks. I have connected to my network drives and can access all my files, I can remote desktop to another machine, there is usb support and of course the keyboard soft cover which is really useful, but only when on a desk.

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