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Angus Planners out-voted by Councillors

The new store in Montrose has been approved by Angus Council, overturning the recommended refusal by Angus Council Planning Officials. This gives a clear indication that Angus Planners are completely out of touch, in terms of common sense and public opinion. Have these officials been responsible for strangling valuable investment in the county in the past ? Have our councillors just gone along with their recommendations in the good times of the past because it was an easy ride ?

A clear example of the Planners strange logic is Whitehills Hospital where there is a drastic shortage of parking spaces for patients, staff and visitors, but enough land around the site to accomodate more – the excuse is apparently rooks are more important than ill humans who need to park close to the hospital!

Lets hope this is the start of a new trend where some clear COMMON SENSE is injected into planning decisions in Angus attracting more development and investment, leading to employment and work for hard pressed local businesses. Perhaps another step will be some focus on use of local business and trade in these developments.

Well done councillors !

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