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Angus can’t deal with a bit of WINTER

Clearly ANGUS & BEAR SCOTLAND (The responsible party) did not listen to any weather reports from Tuesday to Thursday.

Thursday afternoon from mid-day onwards and the county roads were like skating rinks, the town centre roads through Forfar were not much better. A gritter or snow plough – nowhere to be seen.

At 10pm the main route Aberdeen South, the A90 was closed due to the road conditions.

No doubt those in charge will tell us all that they did in fact grit the roads and did all they could to keep the routes open. REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE suggests no such thing happened.

Even when warned we seem to be so unprepared to react to the snow and no one ever takes serious responsibility for the inaction, even when serious accidents happen and lives are lost.

BEAR SCOTLAND – A disgraceful performance and winter has not even started in earnest.

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