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Church of Scotland to VIRTUALISE ?

Interesting reading in today’s copy of our Dundee Courier. The Church of Scotland are considering the use of “VIRTUAL MINISTERS” to help cover the short fall of some 200 ministers in parishes across the country.

This could be technology embraced on a level never before seen in a Church. Our church still use a manual paper ledger to record their finances !!!

In our own town, there are two churches (St Margarets and East & Old) looking to fill the post of a full time minister. There are two massive buildings, two sets of costs, repairs, maintenance and the churches are barely a quarter full.

Add the cost of installing the “new” technology into two buildings and it begins to seem a little overkill, a bit like having two multi-plex cinema’s in the wee town of Forfar.

Looking forward to seeing this in action, it will be fun if nothing else. !

Last year these two churches failed to merge after a 10 year effort. The case is yet to be proven for that decision. The merger info

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