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Fuel Price Petition – 2008

UPDATE 03-10-09

Nymex Crude Future 93.55 -.42 -.45 03:53
Dated Brent Spot 89.96 .25 .28 04:23

Unfortunately the petition is now ended, however, are we taking our eyes off the petrol retailers ? Their prices remain at 118p for diesel and around 109p for petrol while the oil is dropping back.

UPDATE 16-09-08

Crude prices are sitting today at $91.5 and our pump prices remain at £1.20 !

UPDATE 11-09-08

Crude prices are sitting at $101 dollars today and our pump prices remain at £1.20 !


Crude oil prices hit a low of 105 dollars per barrel today, this is more than 30% down from the high of June this year.

The pump price remains 120 pence per litre in our area and is much higher in remote areas, it has not tracked down the price of crude.

A petition was be sent to No10 on 30th September 2008.

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