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Energy Price Rises & Fuel Price Rises

A new round of energy price rises was announced by energy firm EDF on Friday. Scottish & Southern also warned the day before that they will have to increase prices in the near future.

Where price rises are totally justified then fair enough – BUT  Scottish & Souther in the very same statement also went on to say – Our profits for the FIRST 3 MONTHS of this year 2008 will only be £1.23 BILLION pounds.

Fat cats

Fat cats

The obvious question is what on earth is done with all this profit, if that is profit for the first 3 months then for full year this is likely to be in the region of £4.92 BILLION Pounds. Where does it all go and who does it go to, shareholders probably get around 55p per share which is not a massive amount.

Must be going to the FAT CATS and others with their noses in the trough ?

 Oil Companies BP & Royal Dutch Shell will also announce profits this week of totally obscene levels and will still tell us they don’t make any money at the pumps. We all know it is the Government making the money at the pumps but this does not satisfy the ordinary working person who is having to spend £1.25 on a litre of fuel to transport themselves around the country and attend work etc.  Someone somewhere has to realise that while these obscene profits are being harvested, the ordinary man and woman on the street feels like they are being mugged on a daily basis.

Oh sorry, I forgot, the very people who can do anything about it are in with the pigs at the trough ! What hope have we got for fairer wealth distribution in this country with this sort of thing allowed to continue day in day out and the good old British public just lay down like lambs to the slaughter and take it !

A good MALT should sort it all out !!

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