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MP’s to vote on their Salaries

MP’s will vote later today on their salary award. It is tipped that they will ignore Gordie and vote themselves a “restrained” pay award this year but 4.4% or more in the years to come.




Is your MP really worth – £61,820 basic pay  BEFORE any expenses ? (Expense listed here – too many to count !! BUT Huge) Don’t you think this puts them just a little bit out of touch with the very people they “represent” who on average earn just  £20,565 basic pay (according to the BBC – Nov 07) and not much chance of running up and receiving any “expenses”.

MP’s don’t then suffer to the same extent as the normal person in the street if they are earning 3 times basic salary and they can pretty much “expense” anything to cover any of their losses !

Another thing that is perhaps overlooked is that 4.4% or 2.2% of £60K is an awful lot more than 2.2% of £20K. All of us are being offered not much more than 2% of our salaries at this time. This is to cover the massive car fuel price increases (MP’s can of course expense that via their transport costs), increases in energy costs at home (MP’s can of course expense that on their properties in London or wherever they record as their 2nd home), the ever increasing food bills (I expect their is an expense for that too for the MP’s).

 All in all they really do very well indeed out of us all, not to mention the Rolls Royce of pension schemes and pay off’s they get.

Do you think there will ever come a point when us Britons will begin to object really loudly about some of this or will we just let it go on and on ?

The result tonight will be interesting and I am sure it will be hotly discussed on Question Time tonight !

Question Time

UPDATE: 16:17 – 3rd July

The MP’s have actually voted to restrain their wages, Mmm perhaps they sense the public’s distaste at the massive pay they already get. The results are here

Later on today or this evening, they will vote on their EXPENSES. It is tipped that they may vote to award themselves a lump sum payment in lieu of the current system. This would allow them to “hide” all the expenses from the public. I hope they take the sensible route and vote this down too. I may then credit them with a little social responsibility and understanding of the hardships being experienced by their electorate.

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