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Petrol Panic ?

 GrangemouthHave the Scottish press managed to create Petrol Panic ? The scenes outside a local petrol station yesterday evening would suggest they have. The possible strike will not happen until Sunday and yet there were over a dozen cars lined up on Queenswell road filling station yesterday evening, that’s not a scene we usually see in Forfar on a Monday night !

Fuel can be delivered to many locations in Scotland by tanker for distribution around the country. While the shut down of Grangemouth may well be painful, who is the pain going to be with – I would suggest by the language and actions of the plant Managers that the pain will hit them the hardest. Would it not be painful to them to lose MILLIONS of pounds profit per day ? Let’s be realistic, for the ordinary person in the street, the reality is that if there is no fuel then you will do what you can to continue normal day to day activities but if you have no transport available you have no transport. The ordinary person can’t magic up fuel if it’s not available, so the worst is that you can’t make it to work. I’m sure the government will have suitable plans in place to help us all out – Won’t they ? This could be a real test of organisation one way or another !

 The strike is by no means definate yet but who knows ! Check out Ineos Web Site and BBC News Scotland for updates



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  1. I think that the fuel crisis is shambolic at this stage of proceedings and cannot believe that over 90% of fuel comes from the one plant in Grangemouth
    Where are the goverment now, counting their tax on fuel profits? thats about the jist of this?

    Problems still to come in Forfar

    Angus Replies :-
    Yep problems country wide I think once it really starts, and the politicians will be able to do JOT about it!
    Thanks for your comment.


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