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Doggie Poo Bag Count Update

Jogging from Dundee Road at the Slatefield rise path up to Balmashanner. One quarter of a mile path to the top of the hill.


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Doggie poo plastic bag count = 12 ! That is now 5 more poly bags (mostly black ones) which will NOT disintegrate in years !

Disgrace and shame on all you Forfar dog walkers !

I just don’t understand why the walkers can’t just hold onto the bags until they either get to the top or back down, the council have provided bins for these on this path. Who do the dog owners think will clear this crap up ? Don’t they see the small portion of path getting more and more covered in little black poly bags full of dog poo. No way can the council be expected to go and litter pick this path, they are way over-stretched as it is. If the dog walkers had an ounce of consideration for other users and the environment they would pop the bags into the bins provided !

How about a BIO-BAG ?

You can get them here

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