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Doctors of Dundee / Ninewells don’t care anymore ?


Scenario Elderly person well over 80 years old

Living alone, non driver


Fit and Healthy generally Visits to Dr in last 10 years – only for flu jab and medicalProblems in last 2 years – 3

The last 3

Case 1.

Calls surgery with a very very heavy cold / flu. Feels unable to travel to surgery to see Dr. told to wait until fit and come into surgery – NO HOME VISIT.

Case 2.

Calls surgery with severe head cold and neck stiffness. Diagnosed over phone and Dr sends out Anti-Biotic from pharmacy – NO HOME VISIT.

Case 3.

Becomes immobile and cannot make it to surgery, is in agony with pain, cannot walk or bear weight, no transport. Calls surgery 08:00 told no one is there call back at 09:00. Ends up in A&E by 10:00, through contact with NHS 24 (by family). Surgeon there checks out problem and sends home with instruction to take paracetamols, along the way, is interrogated about the need for ambulance transport, this was called by NHS 24, not the person. – NO HOME VISIT

Do the doctors of Dundee care is my question? My inevitable answer in this case has got to be NO. What a reflection on our doctors of today when a person well over 80, who has attended a doctor in their lifetime, an absolute minimum amount of times, cannot warrant a home visit when they eventually call with problems and explain they cannot make it into the surgery! Did no alarm bells ring in the corridors of common sense of these doctors or receptionists. Oh they say, we don’t usually hear from this person, perhaps we better send a doctor round? – NO. Following annual checks, doctor’s delight in saying and telling the person how fit and healthy they are and how they have not seen much of them at all, how light the notes are. Why on earth does the call for help not then warrant at the very least a home visit from the same doctors practice.

So what are we to believe from this experience, how can we not conclude that the doctors don’t care any more.

UPDATE 31-8-7

Following more visits to doctor and being palmed off with paracetamols, a further incident occurs. Extreme pain in leag again, visit to doctor who sends her direct to hospital to find she has DVT and it’s only taken 2 months to diagnose ! Imagine what could have happened in that time ??

The following stories also lend weight!

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