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The recent headlines

  • Climate bill set to be unveiled
  • Homes must be greener, says Brown
  • Cameron – New Taxes on Air Travel
  • Campbell – Taxes and rewards on climate change
  •  Now I guess we all agree that things need to be done to tackle climate change. We have been presented with very little evidence of the real need to do this by our political masters.

What do we see this week from the very same masters, a sickening sight if ever I saw one. The three leaders (one potential leader), virtually salivating at the mouth to get their GREEN credentials across. NOT to show us they care, just the thought of fleecing us all for more tax. The sight is not at all pretty, the greed is in their eyes, the saliva virtually dripping off their lips with every GREEN sentence they utter in defence of it.  Where will it all go ??

1. Into the pockets of our political masters

2. Into the pockets of arms manufacturers as we fight the wars around the world

3. Into the pockets of arms manufacturers as we “replace” Trident.

 – Incidentally why does it need to be “replaced”, it is not that old, why can’t we just maintain the bloody thing ?

4. Into the pockets of arms manufacturers as we build yet more hardware for the Navy, Army and Airforce

Oh yes and some might be put into GREEN issues.

I don’t believe a word any of them say and I firmly believe none of us will benefit from the BILLIONS they will rake in in the name of GREEN TAXES. 


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