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The LUNATICS finally take over the assylum !!!

Court rules on prison voting ban

Legal action is being considered which could stop the Scottish Parliament election from taking place because prisoners are excluded from voting.


It follows a ruling at the Court of Session in Edinburgh that the elections would be incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

The UK Government had set up a consultation process following a European Court ruling in 2005.

But legislation would not be introduced before Scotland’s elections in May.

It is understood that a number of prisoners are already undertaking legal action to prevent the poll from taking place.

 The country has finally gone completely off it’s rocker. Yes probably prisoners could get a vote, or at least within an agreed band – over 6 months – no vote. BUT to let it get as far as potentially disrupting the voting system is crazy, however this happened, it must NOT be allowed to conclude by delaying our election. The judges are MAD, the politicians are MAD and WE WILL BE MAD IF WE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN !

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