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Angus fights climate change ! all on it’s own !

Angus Pledges Climate Change Support


Angus Council has pledged to take local action to tackle climate change.

 The Scottish Climate Change Declaration was launched today (Tuesday 16 January), with Angus promising to take local action in support of the document.

The declaration acknowledges the reality and importance of climate change and is a means of demonstrating local leadership and a commitment to local action.

Angus Provost Bill Middleton who will formally sign the declaration along with Chief Executive David Sawers at a ceremony in Forfar next month, said: “Scotland’s local authorities are at the forefront of signing up to Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration and we look forward to working with others to address climate change through local leadership and action. The declaration is an expression of local commitment and a clear statement of intent to take action to respond to the challenge of climate change.”

The declaration recognises that climate change is occurring and that it will have far reaching effects on Scotland’s people and places, impacting on the economy, society and environment.

By supporting it, local authorities commit to work with all sectors of the community both locally and nationally to respond to climate change and promote the sustainable development of local communities.

It commits the authority to undertake a number of actions including:

  • To work with the Scottish Executive and the UK Government to contribute to the delivery of Scotland’s and the UK’s climate change programmes.
  • Produce and publicly declare a plan, with targets and time-scales, to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the council’s own operations.
  • Ensure that greenhouse gas reduction and climate change adaptation measures are clearly incorporated into new and existing strategies, plans and programmes.
  • Assess the risks and opportunities for services and communities of predicted climate change scenarios and impacts, and take action to adapt accordingly and in line with sustainable development principles.
  • Encourage and work with others in our local community to take action to adapt to the impact of climate change, to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and to make public their commitment to action.
  • Publish an annual statement on the monitoring and progress of our climate change response, detailing targets set, actions taken, outcomes achieved and further actions required.
  • Collaborate with other organisations to promote good practice on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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