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Angus Council & Open Government

Tuesday 9th January The Dundee Courier, a writer reports that Angus Council have again been selling off Council Property in “Private” transactions. This time the sell off is in Arbroath. This follows sale of property in Brechin and Forfar last year.

Fortunately the sale of property in Forfar stirred up such a storm that the council were forced to place the property on the open market and in the end increased the income significantly.

To get the very best returns for our Tax Payers money all property disposals from local councils should be on the OPEN market.

I got no response from local councillors when I questioned this practice last year, they seem totally unconcerned by the general public questions about this practice. I would expect that the writer of the article in the Courier will receive no feedback either.

Open Government ?? A laugh in Angus ??

Is it a matter of time before this one blows up in their faces ??


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