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Scottish Country dance in the area

 Dance Diary

 Dundee Branch Dances – Link here

 The Society was established in 1923 by its co-founders to protect and promote the standards of Scottish country dancing. Today we are an International organisation catering to the needs of many thousands of members in many countries throughout the world. We even have an International Branch for those who do not have strong links to one locality.
Through the network of local branches, the Society offers opportunities to learn and practise the country dances of Scotland. There are many classes, at all levels, and a great variety of social dances. For members wishing to improve their technique there are workshops and day schools as well as the Society’s own Schools – Summer School in St Andrews, Scotland and Winter School in Pitlochry, Scotland.

For the experienced dancer wishing to obtain additional training there are opportunities for members to attend training courses. Music is of course essential to the occasion and we also provide specialist courses for accordion, fiddle and piano.

You can view more information about the Local Branch for FORFAR here – 

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