Tidal energy project to be constructed in the Pentland Firth

The construction of a major tidal energy project in the Pentland Firth is set to begin later this year.Atlantis Resources MeyGen scheme planned for the firths Inner Sound has secured £50m in funding.More than £20m will come from the Scottish government and Highlands and Islands Enterprise HIE. The UK government has given grants worth £10m.Atlantis said the completed scheme would have up to 269 turbines submerged on the seabed.The Crown Estate, which manages the UK seabed, has also invested £10m in the project, which would generate enough energy for 175,000 homes.

via BBC News – Tidal energy project to be constructed in the Pentland Firth.

A graphic showing turbines on the seabed

The first phase will involve installing four turbines over the next two years.

By 2020, 61 turbines could be installed and producing enough power for about 42,000 homes.

Tim Cornelius, the project’s director, said: “MeyGen is one of the most exciting and innovative renewable energy developments in the world, marking the long-awaited arrival of tidal stream generation as a serious, large-scale player in global energy markets.

“I am proud that Atlantis will become the first company to successfully develop a project of this kind, at this size, making Atlantis the first independent power producer from a tidal array.”

via BBC News – Tidal energy project to be constructed in the Pentland Firth.

Saleen unveils performance EV based on Tesla Model S | Autocar


US-based Saleen Automotive revealed its first performance electric car, the FourSixteen, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.Based on the Tesla Model S, the FourSixteen features several aerodynamic and mechanical tweaks that have been carried out by the California-based company, which is best known for the hugely powerful S7 supercar.“Tesla has created an entirely new class of American automobile,” said company founder Steve Saleen. “There are many similarities to this and how Ford created the ‘pony car’ class in 1964 with the Mustang, which is how these vehicles stand out from the rest of the pack.”Saleen has optimised the airflow over the car’s body by adding a redesigned front fascia, aero vents, a bespoke V-shaped hood, carbonfibre rear diffuser and high-downforce rear-mounted spoiler.The FourSixteen possesses the same power and torque outputs as the standard Model S, at 410bhp and 443lb ft. However, the car’s electric motor is mated to a Saleen drivetrain which includes an all-new 11.39:1 final gear ratio for quicker acceleration. The FourSixteen also has a locking differential to maximise traction and grip.All of the Saleen-engineered driveline components increase efficiencies in torque management, give a track capable throttle response, and provide faster acceleration. A Saleen high-efficiency drivetrain cooling system has been fitted to assist engine cooling and help maintain consistent temperatures in high-performance situations.

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West Yorkshire Boltmaker beer crowned best in Britain

Timothy Taylors Boltmaker was crowned the best beer in the country at the Great British Beer Festival in London.The Keighley brewed real ale was judged to be the finest ahead of a host of other finalists across seven different beer categories.The Campaign for Real Ale Camra competition involved bitters, ales, milds and more from small microbrewers and large regional brewers.Timothy Taylors head brewer Peter Eells said: “Im speechless. We work very hard to produce great beers and we really believe this is the best beer we can brew – so to have it acknowledged in such an important competition is absolutely fantastic.” This years silver medal went to Oakham Citra, from Peterborough, while the bronze award went to Salopian, Darwins Origin from Shropshire.

via BBC News – West Yorkshire Boltmaker beer crowned best in Britain.

Seven cool things that Dundee gave the world | STV Dundee | Dundee


Dundee has given the world a whole host of things that most people probably don’t know about.So, in an effort to try to enlighten the world, we’ve compiled a list of seven pretty cool things that you probably didn’t know have their roots right here in Dundee.

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Microsoft to drop support for outdated IE versions

BBC News – Microsoft to drop support for outdated web browsers.


Up to now, Microsoft’s support for the versions of IE lasted as long as its support system for the version of Windows that the browser initially shipped with. In some cases, this meant it had to keep producing bug fixes and security updates for versions of IE that were more than 10 years old.

The change means that it will only be supporting versions 9 and above of Internet Explorer. Users of different editions of Windows will be expected to be using the latest copy for that release. For instance, people and businesses running Windows 8.1 will only get bug fixes and security updates if they are on IE11.

Microsoft has also made other moves to improve security on its browser. From 12 August, Explorer will start to block some out-of-date add-ons, known as ActiveX controls, for the program.

Lexus NX goes on sale in Japan

Lexus NX goes on sale in Japan | Lexus Blog | Official news and reviews.

The buzz around the Lexus NX compact SUV is palpable. Now, the stunning model has gone on sale in Japan, paving the way for the model’s arrival on British shores in October.

In Japan, the model will be available from launch with a choice of a 2.5-litre petrol/electric hybrid powertrain – which returns up to 54.3mpg on the combined cycle – or a brand-new 2.0-litre turbo petrol unit. This engine is the first petrol turbo unit ever to be fitted to a Lexus. In the UK, the hybrid powertrain will be offered at launch, with the petrol turbo arriving in March 2015, exclusively in driver-focused ‘F Sport’ grade.

The Lexus NX is priced between £29,495 and £42,995 and is available to order now for delivery in October. A full price and specification list is available here, and you can register for updates on the car on the designated section of the Lexus UK website.


Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake (2014) long-term test review | Road Testing Reviews | Car Magazine Online


Month 1 running a Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake: the welcome

Before you can buy a McLaren P1 you have to have some tuition on how to drive it. Makes sense – it’s a complicated car. Before you buy a CLS Shooting Brake, however, you need tuition in explaining why you bought it. This also makes sense and is equally complicated.

It’s an estate, isn’t it? No, it’s a Shooting Brake. Which differs from an estate how? The boot’s smaller but it’s more stylish. If it’s smaller, is it cheaper than, say, an E-class estate? No, it’s £15k more expensive. What is it then, sporty or something? Not really, it’s a six-cylinder diesel with an automatic gearbox.

You get the picture. Refine your patter in advance. You’ll thank me