New referendum campaign – #GBUKRef



With the referendum in Scotland now over and the results known. The United Kingdom or Great Britain now needs to run a new referendum campaign, perhaps alongside the General Election of 2015?  Maybe that would lift the turn out !!

The #GBUKref you could ask the population of Great Britain / United Kingdom to agree to the following ballot paper question ….

Should the islands of Britain be known as Great Britain or United Kingdom only when referring to any sporting, business  or personal achievements of it’s citizens?

Lets have that as an option in the 2015 general election ? It might set the election on fire just like we’ve seen in the #Indyref.


Will the United Kingdom now move to a confederated model devolving powers to regional areas of Britain ?

Its a new day, lets continue walking forward.

Hacked – biological warfare studies


Security researchers have uncovered a group of hackers that broke into 300 banks, corporations and governments for 12 years without being caught.

The hacker collective from Germany exploited a loophole in the UK which enabled them to obtain security certificates to allow them to target organisations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and access sensitive, confidential data.

The damage suffered by their victims in terms of loss of data and compromised security has been described by researchers as “immeasurable”.

“We’re talking about things like studies on biological warfare and nuclear physics, infrastructure security plans, corporate financial documents,” said Kobi Ben-Naim from CyberTinel, the security company that blocked the attack.

Scotland – A Renewable Super Power ?

46% of Scotland’s energy consumption is provided by renewable energy. Scotland holds 25% of the total Wind generation capacity of Europe. By 2020 Scotland is aiming to cover 100% consumption with Renewable Energy. The Pentland firth is one of the largest potential Wave energy sources in Europe and has recently been awarded a 25 year lease to operate on the sea bed from the Crown Estates.

From the BBC Website recently ->

Atlantis, the company behind plans for the MeyGen 269-turbine tidal scheme, has secured a 25-year lease from the Crown Estate for the seabed involved.

It is the largest marine energy lease to be awarded by the Crown Estate and is the first in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters region.

Atlantis plan to start installing devices in the Inner Sound of the firth over the next two years.

By 2020, 61 of the 269 turbines proposed could be in place.

The Scottish and UK governments, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Crown Estate are providing millions of pounds in funding.

The MeyGen Project ->


The MeyGen tidal stream project is at the forefront of world marine energy development and will harvest the tidal resource of one of the most energetic sites in Europe.

MeyGen Limited, the development company and project sponsor, has secured an Agreement for Lease from The Crown Estate for the area that lies in the channel (Inner Sound) between the island of Stroma and the north easterly tip of the Scottish mainland, encompassing almost 3.5km2 of fast flowing water. It is our overall goal to deliver a fully operational, 398MW renewable energy plant powered purely by the tide, generating the equivalent electricity to power 40,000 Scottish homes by the early 2020s.

“The Crown Jewel of The Pentland Firth”

MeyGen prides itself on a thorough and transparent consultation process with regulatory authorities, stakeholders and the general public. This website is just one way in which we disseminate project information, project progress and also receive information from interested parties. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our project, please feel free to contact us.

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How do you stretch a cruise ship? Simple – cut it in two and stick a new bit in the middle

Originally posted on Metro:

New block on the skids: The new section, dwarfing workers on the quayside, is slotted into place on MSC Armonia (Picture: MSC Cruises)
New block on the skids: The new section, dwarfing workers on the quayside, is slotted into place on MSC Armonia (Picture: MSC Cruises)

Building a cruise ship is a complicated and expensive business so, if you want to carry more passengers, why not stretch an old one?

That’s what Italian line MSC Cruises decided to do with its smallest ship Armonia.

Over several days last week, the 60,000-ton vessel was cut in two and a new 79ft-long, nine-deck-high section containing 193 extra cabins was slowly slotted into place.

Half measures: The two ends are pulled apart before the new section is inserted (Picture: MSC Cruises)
Half measures: The two ends are pulled apart before the new section is inserted (Picture: MSC Cruises)

The work that took place in the Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo, Sicily, increases the ship’s length to 902ft – longer than the main Canary Wharf tower in London is high – and makes space for a total of 2,679 passengers.

The upgrade will take nine weeks…

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Project Fear continues under BBC


The BBC continue to peddle project fear propaganda littering it throughout it’s programs during the #indyref campaign.

The last few days of The #JeremyVine  have been biased beyond belief and today introducing companies who sound like they would be fearful of getting up in the morning!

Day in day out people and businesses deal with the markets going up and down, currency rates changing on an hourly basis, companies going bust, inter continental trading, dealing in multi-currencies as a matter of routine, company restructures and relocation, local disasters, world events  and this all has a degree of “uncertainty” attached for the day to day trading life of companies. These companies represented today on the radio program want certainty over currency, banks, borders, armed forces, europe, suppliers, customers, roads, transport – come on – in our world today there are still no certainties other than death and taxes !!!



Alistair Darling campaigning in Edinburgh


But after September 18th rational grown up negotiations will begin or we will continue as we are and deal with day to day uncertainty as a matter of routine !

Convert to Apple ?

Apple launches the new #iWatch and yet another incarnation of the iPhone  the iPhone6 . The run up in the media was in overdrive speculating on the concept, the designs, the size. Apple may or may not have been working on some of these concepts and could have potentially launched this ->

Nike concept widely published
Nike concept widely published

OR this ->


Instead, they launched this ->


Looking more closely at the Apple website for the iWatch the watch certainly looks the part and images published for the launch don’t do it justice, you need to watch the launch event to really appreciate the rationale behind this #wearable device.

The iPhone6 is to be “bigger and better” – but with a choice of two you don’t have to just be “bigger” . There is a choice of 4.7″ or 5.5″. The current Samsung S3, 4 & 5 is 5.5″ and just about right in terms of size for me. Is the launch of the new iPhone6 and iWatch with the Apple Pay features a potential game changer for #Samsung and #Android fans to shift to the Apple world. The Telegraph review Apply Pay here.


For #wearable fans there are already two other offerings in the market soon to be launched. The  Motorola Moto360 and it certainly looks like a watch ->


LG have also offered a device that looks much more like a watch The LG-R watch, although finding a commercial website with any detail is impossible, so just and image of what it look like is available ->

LG+G+Watch+R+1For  watch lovers, this would be the absolute ideal and depending on the specifications would surely attract most people. Details are not easy to come by and possibly LG have been waiting for the iWatch launch before setting out their own stall. There is this piece in the Daily Mail indicating an imminent launch – October 2014.




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Today, Apple Debuted A Watch And Killed The iPod Classic

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(So Cal Metro)
(So Cal Metro)
Earlier today, Apple somehow took almost two hours to announce some slightly bigger smartphones and a pricey phone accessory, then throw a surprise U2 concert. There was something that they didn’t announce during that presentation, though: the end of the original click-wheel iPod.

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Tarbert group of 94 quits the Church of Scotland

CofSBurningBushLogo cos

Part of the congregation of the Church of Scotland in Tarbert on Harris has voted to leave over the issue of gay ministers being appointed.Ninety four members have decided to leave, while 131 voted to remain with the Church of Scotland.It is understood that those who have opted to quit will set up a Free Church congregation in Tarbert.The General Assembly voted last May for a proposal that would allow gay men and women to become ministers.Acting principal clerk, the Reverend Dr George Whyte said: “We are saddened by the planned departure of around 90 members and adherents from Tarbert Church. They will be missed and we wish them well for the future. “However, our duty now is to the 130 members and adherents who are choosing to remain with the Church of Scotland.”In May this year, a group of 250 worshippers left Stornoway High Church on Lewis to join the Free Church. Before the split, Stornoway High was the Church of Scotlands biggest congregation on the Western Isles.

via BBC News – Tarbert group of 94 quits the Church of Scotland.


Queen horrified at #indyref prospects.



The Queen is said to be privately horrified at the prospect of Scotland voting for independence from the UK.

It is believed the referendum – which could make the monarch the last Queen of Scotland – dominated her discussions with Prime Minister David Cameron on his annual visit to Balmoral at the weekend.

The growing panic over the break-up of the UK was fuelled by a YouGov poll which put the nationalist Yes campaign ahead by 51% to 49%.

Buckingham Palace aides said the Queen had asked for daily updates on the state of the campaigns.

A source said yesterday: “The Queen is a unionist, there is now a great deal of concern.

“If there is a Yes vote that puts us into uncharted territory constitutionally . Nothing is certain and her being Queen of Scotland is not a given.”

YouGov found the nationalists had clawed back a 22-point lead held by the Better Together campaign at the start of August.

Nationalist leader Alex Salmond’s private polling reportedly put his campaign ahead 54% to 46%.

In London, George Osborne tried to win over voters flirting with ­independence by ­promising to publish within days a cross-party plan to offer more powers to Edinburgh if Scotland stays in the UK.

This would including handing more tax-raising powers and control over welfare to the Scottish Parliament.

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Cheese Makers In Switzerland Fight Counterfeits With Secret Bacteria

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(Rusty Clark)
(Rusty Clark)
Did you know that counterfeit Swiss cheese is a problem? It certainly is if you’re a cheesemaker in Switzerland. Industry experts recently estimated that as much as 10% of all Emmental cheese (that’s the pale yellow cheese with holes in it that Americans usually refer to as “Swiss” cheese) sold outside of Switzerland was fake: not made in Switzerland. How are the Swiss protecting their cheese industry, which has exports in the hundreds of millions of dollars? DNA tests.

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